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Training, education, and safety communications are required by IS-BAO section 3.2.4 Safety Promotion, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Bring a professional edge to your company’s safety program with TurnPoint. This quarterly safety magazine provides your staff with the latest news, tips, and research in safety and quality assurance.

This magazine is not an off-the-shelf program; it is only available on a customized basis for individuals or organizations who invest in a minimum one-year subscription. Each subscription is customized per order, and access to the magazine is not available without a minimum one-year investment.

TurnPoint offers you the unique opportunity to customize your content to align with the safety program that already exists at your organization, or the program that you are working to build. Your logo will appear on the front cover of every issue and you are invited to write two short articles for each edition. Your writers are ushered through the process with deadline reminders and assistance with all proofreading, formatting, and editing. Don’t want to write anything? Don’t worry. Our subject matter experts—the best in the industry—can cover the content for you too.

Every issue includes:

  • Short essays on Automation Airmanship®, professionalism, and personal readiness
  • Inspiring and informative articles and interviews
  • Questions for review that you can use in your next safety meeting
  • Tips for personal application
  • A Blue Threat Proverb poster to motivate and inspire continued safety efforts
  • Digital delivery; hard-copies available at their printed cost

In a digital age, not everyone wants to receive a printed magazine. Turnpoint is also available as an eZine which can be viewed in a web browser with no special plug-ins or downloads. Click the cover above to see a sample.

Contact us to learn more, or to subscribe to your customized Turnpoint Safety Magazine.