Training Topics

Educate, Motivate, Inform, and Inspire—these are the primary drivers behind all of our programs. Our mission as a company is to help individuals and organizations build lasting change through measured performance improvement. Through our experience, we believe the best way to do this is to personally engage individuals in an ongoing long-term process of gradual improvement. We offer a variety of topics and options that will provide your team the transformation and performance improvement you seek.

Our dynamic and entertaining speakers provide the combination of knowledge and passion that your team needs to continuously improve, be inspired with new ideas, tools and techniques, and embrace change. We strive to provide an improvement package that meets your exact needs, so peruse our list of potential topics below and contact us to customize a training program for your organization.

The following list of topics is sorted by industry. Click on the topic to view a brief description.


General Error Reduction and Prevention

Driving Error Down

This comprehensive human-factors curriculum is designed to provide professional drivers a world-class understanding of the causes of human error and effective countermeasures in support of ground vehicle operations in airport movement and non-movement areas.


Our train-the-trainer program offers a dynamic, cutting-edge approach to training your instructors in how to teach our content. Train-the-trainer is available for most Convergent Performance programs, however this effort is not available to all organizations. Instructors to be trained must be pre-vetted, and not all instructors are guaranteed to be certified to teach the material. A minimum of 5 instructors are required to schedule a training session. Licensing fees apply when training our material.

Operational Risk Management

We focus on risk management to empower corporate operators or maintainers to combat error, incidents, and accidents.

Blue Threat

We explore an individual's responsibility to assess personal error control. The goal is to provide mastery level learning in personal error causes, countermeasures, and controls, and empower personnel with vital tools and information to reach new levels of individual, team, and organizational performance and profitability. This topic is a natural extension of quality control processes such as Six Sigma and LEAN by adding the dimension of an individual's responsibility to assess personal error control.

An expansion of the program takes the individual concepts, tools, and techniques and applies them to an organization's existing environments and program settings by concentrating on group dynamics, precision communication, resource and risk management, and systems integration error control.

Real-Time Stress Management

Managing stress is a real-time problem in the 21st century. That’s why we define the many causes of stress and its impact on personal effectiveness. Additionally, we offer tools for identifying and combating the negative effects of stress in everyday situations, and provide useful recovery techniques.

Chronic Stress Management

Chronic Stress Management offers an in-depth look at stress and its long-term effects. This is designed to aid the individual and the organization in methods of coping with and preventing chronic stress. We offer many tools, techniques, and game day tactics for combating chronic stress.


Aviation and Space


Aviation Maintenance Never Events®

Aviation Maintenance Never Events® 4-hour live workshop will challenge your team to implement new controls and raise their own performance standards to the highest level in the industry. An Aviation Maintenance Never Events® certification will be awarded to all team members who complete performance coursework and pass the exam. This workshop is FAA approved for IA refresher training and meets all human factors training requirements.

Pilot Reliability Certification (PRC)

A two-day comprehensive human factors curriculum and mentorship program designed to provide individual aviators with a world-class understanding of the causes of human error and effective countermeasures in support of reliable mission accomplishment. This course is imbedded with knowledge checks throughout and an end of course examination to ensure full learner comprehension.

Crew Resource Management (CRM)

This two-day workshop tackles the hard cases of pilots with hazardous attitudes and domineering personalities and how to deal with them using key skills such as communication, assertiveness, flight leadership, and mutual support to create a safer, more effective cockpit.

Maintenance Resource Management (MRM)

A comprehensive maintenance human factors curriculum designed to provide maintenance and logistics professionals with a world class understanding of human error causes and countermeasures, while also focusing heavily on key communication and team skills and providing the knowledge components of the traditional Maintenance Resource Management curriculum.

Maintenance Reliability Certification (MRC)

This 1.5-2 day course is composed of comprehensive human factors curriculum designed to provide individual maintenance technicians and engineers with a world class understanding of human error causes and countermeasures in support of reliable mission accomplishment. This course is imbedded with knowledge checks throughout and an end of course examination to ensure full learner comprehension. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only systemic and linked human factors curriculum designed to reduce individual maintenance technician error anywhere in the world.

Safety Management Systems (SMS)

A two-day workshop designed to educate and motivate safety program managers toward higher SMS standards through discussions about the role of Safety Management Systems. The program provides access to a wide variety of resources, including quick reference guides, checklists, and techniques for advanced airmanship that enable the creation or upgrade of Safety Management Systems.

Fatigue Management

Fatigue is the number one error producing condition in any work environment. There are many variants of the definition of “fatigue,” but all of them carry a common thread – “degraded performance.” Sleep, circadian rhythms, and environmental factors all contribute to fatigue. Participants will learn the common causes of fatigue, how to apply tools and techniques to combat it, as well as game day tactics to improve performance.

Automation Airmanship®

Built around nine specific, observable, and practical skills to enhance the industry's most profound and rigorous standards—Dr. Tony Kern's Airmanship Model. Learn how applying a rigorous set of skills to the automated flight deck allows crews to control the information, act on it systematically, and optimize safety while minimizing risk in an increasingly complex environment.

Fly First

This is founded in the science of Automation Airmanship®. It stresses the understanding of the skills involved in flying automated aircraft and leads to better management of aircraft control. Knowing parameters to remain safe in the automated cockpit is of vital importance. Participants are better prepared to manage automation issues and maintain control of the aircraft despite potential degradation to the automated systems.

Runway Safety

Some of the most tragic aviation accidents of all time have happened on the ground, in and around runways. Learn the dangers associated with airport operations and the general causes of runway incursions. Begins with a historical perspective of the topic and leads into the actual tools and techniques to prevent potential future runway incursion events. Participants leave with a heightened awareness of airport runway safety and are better prepared to avoid the dangers of non-authorized entry onto runways.

Please remember that we can customize any presentation to meet your specific needs. To inquire about a speaker or topic, or to schedule a presentation, contact us