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“Existing CRM programs do not go to a deep enough level—PRC picks up where CRM leaves off in order to make lasting, positive change. It also provides pilots with a common frame of reference.”

Michael R. Gallagher,
Colonel, USAF (Ret)

“The quality and rigor of Convergent’s Pilot and Maintenance Reliability Programs are impressive and fill the void between traditional training programs and what a pilot or maintainer really need to know to stay safe in this industry.”

Robert W. Agostino
Aviation Director, Group Holdings Aviation

“The Maintenance Reliability Certification is head and shoulders above any other human factors training that I have participated in. It is the deepest and most thorough research into any of the topics covered. Excellent work.”

Ben Stevens
Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Marathon Petroleum Company

“A lot is said about safety, but the Global War on Error addresses the root cause of errors and is truly effective because it changes the mindset, it doesn't just preach statistics. It should be taught at police departments, fire departments, and anywhere else where errors cost lives.”

Lt Col R. D. "Sideshow" Curtis, USMC

“The Pilot Reliability Certification needs to be mandatory for all pilots! Everyone from students to pilots nearing retirement can learn something and in the end, simply be better and safer pilots.”

Tim Gagnon
NetJets Aviation

“Thank you for organizing and providing a world-class training event for us. The day was without fault …and this will flow through to the training sessions I conduct at work.”

B737 Training Captain

“The Automation Analysis Report… presents a comprehensive review of the current Air Force culture as it relates to automation practices, and clearly identifies areas of strength and areas requiring attention to effect a successful transition to upgraded or new aircraft.”

Major General J. M. Duval, Commander
1 Canadian Air Division

“The presentation showed a progressive and practical approach to human factors training and for the first time ever, I walked away from a human factors training seminar with tools to genuinely improve human performance. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting day.”

Alison Calvert
Training Manager, Human Factors Training Solutions

“I have had many people approach me since saying this was a unique and valuable training experience and they would like to know more. This will become a subject of our coming safety days and certainly makes my job easier as a safety manager and human factors facilitator.”

Major Steve Chaney
Safety Officer, Army Aviation Training Centre