SM4 Safety


Convergent Performance is a founding partner of the Global Aerospace SM4 Safety Program. Global Aerospace, a leading provider of aviation insurance, has a vested interest in helping their clients and the industry pursue higher levels of safety. Launched in 2010, the SM4 Program was built on the concept of integrating four critical safety components; planning, prevention, response, and recovery. The SM4 program continues to evolve to meet the needs of the industry and provide targeted subject matter experts and financial support to the aerospace sector. The program includes:

In 2016, SM4 launched the Community of Excellence to promote a new concept that would elevate the program and deliver unmatched service to the aviation industry. The Partners and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) continue to revolutionize the program to make it more visible and provide easy access to the many aviation safety benefits it provides. The Community of Excellence provides three levels of service: Level I: Complimentary industry resources, Level II: Global Aerospace client services, and Level III: Global Aerospace Elite client services.

Convergent Performance has developed Level II and Level III customized safety direct service(s) for Global Aerospace clients. The services are designed to help enhance and support existing safety programs. Our offerings as part of the SM4 program are:

Level II – Global Aerospace Clients:

  • One Survey per year with recommendations report, options include: Safety Culture, Organizational Compliance, or Level IV Professionalism
  • 60 Minute Manager’s Course on Level IV Professionalism, Fit 4 Duty™, and Aviation Maintenance Never Events®
  • Safety Promotions campaign including two posters, two publications, and two short videos on Personal Error Reduction (GWOE)
  • One enrollment in the Aviation Maintenance Never Events® (AMNE), Pilot Reliability Certification 100/200, and Aviation Professionalism Mastery (APM) eLearning courses (enrollment is all four of the complete courses)

Level III – Global Aerospace Vista Elite / Commercial Elite Clients:

1.    NEGATE: Never Events Gap Analysis Tool and Evaluation for Maintenance

  • Report including risk-based recommendations for immediate improvement
  • 25% discount on future licensing of Never Events Gap Analysis Tool and Evaluation
  • Multi-day or multi-site options available for an additional fee
  • This option is only available based upon availability and mutually agreed upon schedules

2.    Global War on Error (GWOE): Aggressive Error Reduction Initiative

  • Pre- and post-hazard/safety analysis survey
  • 6 eLearning enrollments (APM, PRC 100/200, or MRC)
  • Series of four pre-recorded webinars (or two live ones), plus one live 30 minute Q&A session (presenter based on availability of schedules) – topics picked based on results of survey
  • One year subscription to the “Sustain the Gain” monthly improvement newsletter that includes continuous improvement resources to use in your department (a total of 12 Posters, 12 Take Two for You articles, and 4 short videos)
  • 15% additional discount on future webinars, eLearning, or subscription services

3.    Fit4Duty™ Fatigue Risk Management System (F4D FRMS)

  • Series of six pre-recorded webinars (Introduction, Fatigue, Nutrition and Hydration, Stress, Aging, and Exercise)
  • Simplified doctrine statement for your organization
  • Policy guidance and templates for FRMS implementation
  • Gap analysis survey
  • Roles and Responsibilities for key personnel
  • Scheduling guidelines and recommended practices
  • One year subscription to the “Sustain the Gain” monthly improvement newsletter (a total of 12 Posters and 12 Take Two for You articles)

For further details about the SM4 Safety Program’s aviation safety resources and direct services, visit