Safety Management Systems

Aviation safety has long been the envy of the industrialized world.  Since the passing of the Air Commerce Act in 1926, robust federal oversight has been the backbone of aviation safety, and any company or government organization wanting to build, examine, and improve upon their Safety Management System seek not only to continue – but to dramatically improve – the culture, effectiveness, and public opinion of this critical functional system.  Care must be taken throughout any SMS improvement process to ensure continuity of operations, a task roughly akin to tuning an engine on a moving vehicle. We understand this need, and our approach to any work done with an organization is designed to improve functional areas with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations.

Our expertise allows us to perform all of the following functions in regards to Safety Management Systems:

Safety Policy

  • Policy creation (digital and hard copy)
  • Harmonization – making sure policies support the mission, people, and equipment, and do not contradict each other
  • Policy auditing – ensuring the organization is following its own policies

Safety Risk Management

  • Creation/suggestion of risk controls
  • Review (audit) and update of risk controls
  • Risk assessment and defining of the organization's levels of acceptable risk

Safety Assurance

  • Evaluate/audit effectiveness of risk controls
  • Create/implement/support hazard identification programs

Safety Promotion

  • Safety training (particularly Human Factors)
  • Creation and implementation of communication campaigns to promote all aspects of an SMS
  • Employee safety engagement (programs like SMS Lift)

The figure below illustrates our four step process for performing work related to SMS and cultural improvement:

Convergent Peformance SMS Process

Our mission-oriented safety management programs go beyond the four pillars to achieve the twin goals of delivering an SMS that meets federal standards while also introducing the continuous improvement processes of true learning organizations. We also offer individual programs and products that meet SMS requirements, such as:

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