Performance Vector
Emphasizing human factors to minimize error in aviation.

Are you a USAIG-insured operator of turbine-powered aircraft? If so, you may be eligible for COMPLIMENTARY ONLINE TRAINING from Convergent Performance. Through the Performance Vector program, USAIG offers its clients programs that satisfy multiple industry requirements for human factors training and safety management systems.


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Our Offerings

We offer the following courses for eligible Performance Vector participants:

  • Pilot Reliability Certification: A comprehensive online human factors program that provides individual aviators with a powerful and enduring understanding of the causes of human error. But you won’t just learn about why you make errors, you’ll also learn effective countermeasures that you can use immediately to improve safety.
  • Maintenance Reliability Certification: An online program that takes the proven principles of error control and tailors them specifically for maintenance technicians and logistical support personnel, focusing on the unique environment and demands of the aviation support professions. It is a comprehensive human factors curriculum designed to provide a deep understanding of human error causes and error countermeasures.
  • Performance Vector Webinar Series: Receive live and recorded access to six online human factors group training sessions. Can't get the entire group online at the same time? After each live webinar, all designated enrollees receive a link providing 30 days of access to a recording of the session. This industry-leading series includes:
    • Essentials of Crew Resource Management (CRM): Reviews three decades and five generations of CRM and pulls the essential set of CRM tools together in a single package for immediate application and improved team functioning.
    • Flight Discipline: No Compromises on Compliance: This no-nonsense webinar answers the question “Why comply?” and establishes a common professional ethos of full compliance. Provides tips and tools to restore and reaffirm the integrity of existing policy, procedures, and regulatory guidance.
    • Flight Discipline: Combating Hazardous Attitudes: Builds upon the foundation laid in PV 102 and offers insightful tools and techniques to identify and guard against the common temptations that lead to compromised flight discipline, non-compliance, and unwarranted risk taking. Includes recognition tools for identifying rogue practitioners and personal rogue tendencies.
    • Foundations of Threat and Error Management (TEM): Introduces participants to principles of hazard identification, control measures, risk management, and the role of TEM within a functional SMS. Promotes active reporting inside the SMS.
    • Advanced TEM: Error Producing Conditions (EPC): Applies the principles of TEM at the personal level. Teaches participants to identify common EPCs and to analyze individual error patterns to assist in controlling personal error.
    • Automation Airmanship®: Introduces the nine principles of Automation Airmanship® used to comprehend and reduce automation-induced errors.

To learn if you are eligible for complimentary online training from Convergent Performance, talk to your USAIG broker today. For more information on these services, contact us.