Patient Safety Initiative

The annual cost of healthcare in the U.S. is 16% of the GDP. Medical errors are not an insignificant portion of this cost. Led by a board-certified and practicing cardio thoracic surgeon, our expert team is prepped to diagnose the maladies in your healthcare safety program and prescribe a comprehensive solution.

The Patient Safety Initiative uses tools such as “positive deviance discovery” and “personalized error awareness and control” to drive errors down and create a safety net for your patients. We draw valuable lessons from a number of evidence-based, error control, teamwork, and communication resources, all from diverse industries like aviation, nuclear power, professional sports, and the hospitality industry.

Each Convergent Performance program is grounded in one truth—that individuals and organizations are unique in their strengths and vulnerabilities. Therefore, our Patient Safety Initiative offerings are tailored to address your specific safety culture and needs. Because we are sensitive to the obstacles sometimes encountered in introducing new concepts into organizations, our training products include consulting time designed to help remove barriers to effective adoption of new patient safety initiatives.

Just as our training and consulting services have been empirically proven to reduce error significantly in the aviation industry, they have also proven to reduce significantly the human errors that cause harm to patients in a healthcare setting. As anticipated, this reduction in sentinel events has reduced costs and malpractice suits for our clients. Download our Results and Returns information to see the data for yourself.

Initiative Offerings
The Convergent Performance Patient Safety Initiative is designed to establish an organization-wide safety culture or strengthen your existing safety culture through a variety of custom-tailored solutions:

  • Safety Culture Assessment: This online and on-site survey determines and measures the safety culture of your organization by comparing survey data to over 300,000 data points. Based on these results, we then deliver a comprehensive report outlining the findings and identifying areas for improvement.
  • EMS Professional Reliability Certification: Geared toward EMS personnel and flight crews, this single-day workshop helps individuals identify personal error patterns and equips them with an error-reducing action plan.
  • Patient Safety Program: Taught by Dr. Ken Stahl, this single-day workshop simultaneously drives errors down while keeping performance measures up.
  • Clinical Resource Management (CRM) Training: Based on the proven concepts of aviation Crew Resource Management, this one-day workshop is designed to enable medical teams to reduce errors and sentinel events while building teamwork and effective communication.
  • High Reliability Mindset® Training: Built on the foundation of CRM, this course teaches the personal accountability skills of error awareness and error avoidance. By developing a new mindset of high reliability, participants will learn the individual skills needed to build a high reliability organization (HRO) from within.
  • Checklist Training for Healthcare: Such a simple tool as a checklist can be invaluable in a complex setting like healthcare. This training will teach you how to develop, deploy, and use checklists within the functional areas of your organization.

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