Maintenance Reliability Certification (MRC)

mrcEquipment is only as reliable as the professionals who maintain it. Technology continues to improve, shouldn’t you? Enroll today.

As maintainers and logistical support personnel, your skills make aviation a possibility. Your role is too important to be subject to human error. Let us help.




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For only $299 per enrollment, you receive access to the 4-module online Maintenance Reliability Certification, which includes the following courses:


  • Professional Discipline: The Cornerstone of Aviation Maintenance and Logistics
    Establishes a common professional ethos and reiterates the role of personal accountability within the framework of existing policy, procedures, and regulatory guidance.
  • Mind/Body Link: Physiology and Psychology of Human Error
    Creates physiological and psychological readiness through which personal performance improvement can take place.
  • The Many Faces of Error in Aviation Maintenance: Personal Error Awareness and Reduction
    Makes the error reduction effort personal by teaching each learner how to identify common error-producing conditions. Using this information, participants can then begin to control their personal error, both on and off the job.
  • Essential Foundations of Maintenance Resource Management
    Applies new error awareness, error reduction, and refined team skills to traditional maintenance resource management.

This is the most current, relevant, and rigorous online human factors training program available for maintainers. All courses are self-paced, with quizzes throughout to check your learning. Successful completion meets and exceeds the following industry requirements:
European Aviation Safety Agency

  • Human factors training requirements for EASA 145 certification

Federal Aviation Administration (US)

  • Proposed human factors requirements detailed in Order 8300.10, Annex 3 Flight Standards Handbook Bulletin for Airworthiness and entitled “Evaluate and Accept a Maintenance Human Factors Training Program”
  • Advisory Circular 65-25E: Completion of all four modules in one calendar year qualifies the student and their employer for the bronze level of the Aviation Maintenance Technician award.


  • Document 9824: Human Factors Guidelines for Aircraft Maintenance Manual (1st Edition)


  • CRM/Human Factors Training requirement paragraphs 5.2, 5.2.1, and 5.2.2 (standard 2009)

National Business Aviation Association

  • Professional Development Program Certified Course L-6
  • Credit toward Certified Aviation Manager renewal requirement

Transport Canada

  • Human Performance in Aviation Maintenance training and recurrency requirements


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