Communications Class

CommsClassPageImageAchieving Excellence in Written and Verbal Communications

Class Description:

This course is designed for business and government professionals looking to "up their game," both functionally and competitively. 

The first half of the day focuses on the foundations of successful business writing, including ways to discover the needs of the reader, finding reliable source materials, writing well-organized paragraphs, and reviewing your writing for mistakes and clarity. Throughout the morning, participants build an example document, driving new information into immediately applied skills and allowing them to walk away from the course with a sample to use as a guide at work. 

In the afternoon, we explore deep into best practices for verbal communication, beginning with a self-discovery exercise to determine your preferred communication style, and how to identify and successfully communicate with others who have a different style. You will also learn about active listening, framing a persuasive message, group dynamics, and the secrets behind communicating successfully in conference calls and online meetings. 

All participants receive a comprehensive guide that includes training objectives, communication tips and techniques, and additional information, and will leave the course with a well-earned new confidence in their ability to communicate effectively across multiple mediums and in all workplace settings. 

Our faculty includes award-winning authors, technical writers, and professional speakers with decades of experience.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Identify and complete common business writing tasks
  • Discover the needs of the audience and write for them
  • Write with organization and clarity, and edit with purpose
  • Communicate using your preferred style
  • Listen actively
  • Persuade your audience with your message
  • Navigate communication in large group settings
  • Use modern communications platforms to full effect

Class Logistics:

Cost: $199 per student

Location: 7150 Campus Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920. Conference Room

Next Date: Friday, September 14th

Time: 8AM to 3PM

Duration: The class is divided into two 3-hour sessions in the morning and afternoon, with a 1-hour lunch break in the middle. Lunch will be provided.

Registration Info: Click here to purchase your seat for this seminar. Only 50 seats are available, so reserve yours today!