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Exclusively for Bombardier customers and operators, the Leading Edge program offers a comprehensive aviation safety training toolkit. An initiative of Bombardier’s renowned Safety Standdown, Leading Edge is the only program of its kind offered to aerospace customers. Within the program, operators receive the tools and training necessary to meet many federal and international safety requirements.


The program consists of:

  • A safety management, human factors, and error reduction program
  • A fatigue risk management system
  • Upset recovery training for instruction in unusual attitudes and error control in flight

Convergent Performance provides safety management, human factors, and error control through:

  • A toolkit to establish your new safety management system, including materials and resources to evolve existing safety programs
  • For each Bombardier aircraft purchased, receive six complimentary enrollments in either the Pilot Reliability Certification or Maintenance Reliability Certification
  • Access to the Leading Edge resource website
  • A 2-year subscription to the monthly Leading Edge safety eNewsletter