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Civil organizations within the government exist to serve and protect the people. To do this most efficiently, they require strong leadership, clear guidelines, and top-notch training. Convergent Performance offers civil organizations comprehensive training programs and document support at all organizational levels. We have the expertise civil agencies need to consolidate their programs and documentation into industry-leading, organization-changing practices from the top down.

Our civil client list includes some of the most important departments in civil service, including the USDA Forest Service, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Homeland Security.


Military organizations require a commitment to training, technology, and integrated operations to keep their forces modern and prepared for any mission. With our unique blend of training and document support, Convergent Performance offers military clients a comprehensive program promoting safety and performance improvements at both the organizational and operational levels. We understand that the strength of a military resides within each and every one of its people, from the enlisted soldier all the way up the chain of command. Through live events and document services, we ensure a coordinated safety effort with leadership support and proven results.

Convergent Performance is proud to have served multiple branches of the US military, including the Marine Corps and the Air Force. We have also served the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Australian Air Force. With a workforce of diverse backgrounds in numerous military branches, we are committed to the continued improvement of the processes and procedures that drive military organizations.