Going Pro Professionalism

going pro chartUnprofessional behaviors and attitudes are having negative effects on every industry. You don’t have to go any further than social media sites to see the impacts. Reverse the negative trend. Go pro today.








How to get started:

We offer live training for groups, but for aviators looking to start right now, enroll today in the Introduction to Professionalism for Aviators (IPA 100 Level) course.

Live workshops and webinars are also readily available-- no matter your industry. To schedule a workshop or webinar, contact us today. Available courses include:

Introduction to Level IV Professionalism
Ideal for all levels of your workforce, this half-day live training workshop (or three-hour live webinar) introduces the concept of the four levels of professionalism, deliberate practice, and the six domains of professionalism. This course is best delivered to your entire cross-functional team.

Safety through Professionalism
This one-hour module introduces the four levels and six domains of professionalism, and the very important concept of deliberate practice. It is a powerful module that will establish organization-wide standards of professionalism, leading to improved safety, reliability, and efficiency. This course is great for individual learners or teams wishing to learn together.

Advanced Professionalism
This half-day live workshop (or three-hour livewebinar) is a capstone course tailored for those in management, quality assurance, and other leadership roles. This program provides deep insights into personal levels of professionalism. You will also learn the skills you need to establish Level IV professionalism in your organization and receive the tools to support the ongoing culture change. Introduction to Level IV Professionalism is a recommended prerequisite, but not required for participation in this program. Same-day scheduling for back-to-back workshops or webinars is available.

Prefer to self-study on your own? Pick up a copy of the book and sign the Professionalism Pledge.

Going Pro: The Deliberate Practice of Professionalism
A 21st century guide to "extreme professionalism," detailing the six domains of professionalism and the steps needed to reach Level III Professionalism (unfortunately, Level IV is a new addition to the program concept, and is not included in the book).

Aviation Professionalism Pledge
Says Dr. Tony Kern, “Aviation has led the world in safety innovations for decades, and the stain of unprofessionalism must be removed if we are to continue to lead, or even maintain the public trust.” For those in the aviation industry wishing to make a commitment to continued professionalism, we ask that you join us in signing the Aviation Professionalism Pledge.

Know a true professional in the aviation industry? Nominate them today for the NBAA Dr. Tony Kern Professionalism in Aviation Award! This new award, sponsored by NBAA, recognizes the individual and team professionals, of all job types in aviation, who have demonstrated their outstanding professionalism and leadership in support of aviation safety in the business aviation industry. Know someone deserving of this award? Fill out the nomination form today!