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A Contemporary FRMS Solution

Convergent Performance has created the first FRMS program specifically for business aviation and charter operations. It is a deep content, low overhead model that leverages the unique aspects of these operational environments. This FRMS solution includes equal weight on personal accountability and systems reliability, and will allow you to customize your fatigue mitigation.




The Contemporary Fit 4 Duty™ program contains:

  • A simplified doctrine statement that keeps fatigue management top of mind for all
  • Holistic physiological readiness training (sleep, nutrition, hydration, stress, effects of aging, and fitness) with course completion certificates; delivered through pre-recorded webinars, available at your team's convenience
  • Policy guidance and templates for Fit 4 Duty™ FRMS implementation
  • A gap analysis survey to determine your areas of immediate need
  • Roles and responsibilities for key personnel within the fatigue risk management system
  • Industry best practices for scheduling
  • Quarterly fatigue mitigation “tips and tricks” newsletter

In addition to the program elements listed above, Convergent Performance provides you with a step-by-step guide for organizing and implementing your new Fit 4 Duty™ FRMS. There are six steps to implementing your new program, and they include:

  1. A Fatigue Risk Management Policy, implemented through a policy letter
  2. A Fatigue Risk Management Plan to be placed in your Operations Manual
  3. Crew rest procedures for schedulers and aircrew
  4. Holistic physiological readiness and personal accountability training for all personnel
  5. A risk estimation process based upon likelihood and severity
  6. Checklists for FRMS start-up and annual reviews

Although the list may seem daunting at first, after we walk you through each step, your new FRMS will allow you and your team to reach their peak performance levels, day in and day out.

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From our research and our experience in this industry, we know that too little time is devoted to helping individuals operate the most important system of all—themselves. Fit 4 Duty™ solves this problem by addressing every critical component of the human system: sleep, nutrition/hydration, stress, aging, and fitness. Sleep is just one of many elements that play into our performance levels, and the in-depth training and knowledge provided by the Fit 4 Duty™ program enables you to account for the factors that will limit or help you reach your peak performance. Fit 4 Duty™ is now available for purchase!


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Individual options available for companies with less than five employees.

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