Centurion Scholastic Safety White Paper


As U.S. school districts, administrators, and teachers are forced to respond to an ever-changing agenda of priorities—one item MUST remain central, fixed, and funded—the safety and wellbeing of the youth they serve. Every year, nearly 3.5 million “unintentional injuries” to American youth occur at school from a wide variety of risks. Most are predictable and should be preventable, but sadly, are neither due to a lack of a systemic approach to safety in educational organizations. A variety of other high-risk industries have addressed similar challenges using a Safety Management System (SMS)—an analytic process with data-driven means to increase awareness, amplify predictability, and reduce threats to safety and security, based on robust, timely, and accurate data that comes from your people, your cultural environment, and your facilities. Armed with relevant data, administrators can make decisions based on logic, not emotions. SMS tools from other high-risk industries have been refined and validated for simple application in the educational setting, from preschool through post-secondary education institutions. We call this the Centurion Scholastic Safety Management System (SSMS).

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