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The Aviation Maintenance Never Events® program provides training and organizational controls for events that should never, but all too frequently continue to occur in maintenance, at the price of billions in direct costs, indirect costs, and brand reputation.

This comprehensive and innovative program provides control systems and personal improvement resources for maintenance professionals to eliminate the six most costly and avoidable aviation maintenance errors:

  • Improper Movement: Ramp rash incidents are estimated to cost the aviation industry at least $5 billion annually
  • Lost Tool or Item(s): Key contributor to the estimated $4 billion lost annually due to FOD damage
  • Unsecured Panel: Secondary contributor to the FOD epidemic and frequent contributor to flight mishaps
  • Wrong Person: Pressure to perform leads to under-qualified maintenance, resulting in delays and expensive repairs
  • Wrong Part: Acceptance of sub-par, over-timed, or expired materials, and reuse of single-use components causes more expensive and serious problems
  • Wrong Fluid: Fluid errors result in complete flight system failures and cost millions

Each program element comes complete with:

  • Deep content training, student workbooks with case studies, and exams for certification
  • Communications package to include posters and talking points for key personnel
  • Quality Assurance checklists and self-audits to provide closed-loop documentation
  • Web-based references, videos, and other tools for continuous improvement

Is your maintenance team ready to take the pledge to eliminate Aviation Maintenance Never Events® on their aircraft? Experience the reduced maintenance time and cost that comes from having a team of well-informed, precise, and professional world-class maintainers.

The Aviation Maintenance Never Events® 4-hour live workshop will challenge your team to implement new controls and raise their own performance standards to the highest level in the industry. An Aviation Maintenance Never Events® certification will be awarded to all team members who complete performance coursework and pass the exam. This workshop is FAA approved for IA refresher training and meets all human factors training requirements.