Automation Airmanship Webinar Series


AA Webinar Series LogoThis series will teach learners to 1) optimize their utilization of automation; 2) provide clear and focused briefings, warning responses, and monitoring; and 3) apply lessons learned on task and workload management, authority gradient, mode control, awareness, automation transition management and data entry, retrieval, and interpretation.



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Important Update: we are currently in the process of modernizing the Automation Airmanship course with new information and research. Purchase the existing course today, and apply your investment toward the new course once it is completed!

Cost is only $299 for an individual; contact us for volume pricing for over 25 participants. 

This is a 3-module, online program, which includes the following parts:

    Introduces the fundamental concepts of Automation Airmanship, to include how technology has been incorporated in the past and the need for new approaches in dealing with technology on the flight deck. This module sets the stage for study and introduces the new concept of Automation Airmanship, as well as the nine principles that must be mastered to achieve top performance on the automated flight deck.
    Introduction and application of the first five principles of Automation Airmanship. The participant will walk away with new tools and techniques that will enhance performance in the areas of planning, briefing and debriefing, data entry, communication, and monitoring. This course will provoke thought and challenge even the most experienced aviator.
    Presents the tools and techniques related to the final four Automation Airmanship skills – situational and mode awareness, workload management, positive flight path control, and logic knowledge. The principles introduced in this module of training lead the aviator, or anyone looking to truly enhance their automation skills, to advance skill sets in managing automation.

As a special bonus to all participants in the webinar series, we have added the short optional segment Automation Airmanship Q and A.

AUTOMATION AIRMANSHIP® Q and A: Would you like a more candid view of Automation Airmanship? Please join us in this bonus question and answer period where Captains Chris Lutat and Ryan Swah tackle a few tough questions that have been asked in past webinars. This is an insightful look at Automation Airmanship, founded on questions asked by participants and crewmembers just like you. The Q and A moves Automation Airmanship beyond concept and provides useful insight on the topic. What you will find here are real solutions to tough questions.

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