Audits and Consulting

With our meticulous research into human factors, error reduction, and safety augmentation, Convergent Performance is primed to assist your company as a consultant or an independent auditor of your organization’s safety culture, programs, and procedures. With all of our custom offerings, an audit or a survey is the right way for us to learn more about your business, so we can tailor an approach just for you.



The Never Events Gap Analysis Tool and Evaluation (NEGATE) is a critical component of helping your team reduce loss and risk, and improve the overall airworthiness of your operation. It is designed to align your organization with industry best practices intended to eliminate six specific aviation maintenance Never Events; Wrong Fluid, Wrong Person, Wrong Part, Lost Tool, Improper Movement, and Unsecured Panels. These six events result in over 50 billion dollars in avoidable damage in aviation organizations around the globe every year, and working to eliminate them will help improve the bottom line of your business.

This program looks and feels like an audit, and is in fact designed as such, but there is one major difference. You don’t pass or fail it, you simply continuously improve and lower your risk by using it. The initial program must be administered by a trained and certified inspector, but all follow-on actions are contained in the self-inspection checklists, with detailed instructions that accompany the NEGATE, and are designed to be accomplished by in-house personnel. All results and actions driven by the gap analysis flow seamlessly into your existing Safety and Quality Management Systems (SMS/QMS), deepening their impact and increasing your return on investment (ROI) for those critical programs.



Tap in to the power of your team with 500Experts™. Using our powerful audience response system, our process collects and makes available positive, helpful suggestions and ideas in a manner that is perfectly aligned with System Safety, Six Sigma and Lean Quality Improvement programs, Kaizen, Baldridge Criteria, and the Balanced Scorecard.

Built on the emerging science and practice of positive deviance and appreciative inquiry, we help you identify better, safer practices. Everyone has a suggestion box, but these tend to attract complaints, not solutions. 500Experts reveals the best ideas and innovations, those put to use by smart, creative individuals.

The process itself is a culture builder, encouraging friendly competition and discussion, while offering tangible proof that your organization values the ideas and contributions of every employee. It's a cost-effective and nonthreatening way to encourage your people to make their voices heard.


Patient Safety Culture Assessment Survey

Created by a team of patient safety experts, this online survey is designed to determine and measure the current safety culture within your medical organization. Your organization’s survey results are compared to our database of over 300,000 data points. Convergent Performance delivers a report that outlines baseline findings and comparison data and identifies areas for improvement. In addition, we will incorporate any other data that currently exists within your organization, such as AHRQ survey data.

Custom audits and personnel or program surveys are available for any organization in any industry. Contact us to learn more.