Who We Are

Convergent Performance was formed in 2003 by Dr. Tony Kern; Pat Daily, M.S.; Christopher J. Lutat, B.S.; and Kenneth D. Stahl, M.D., F.A.C.S. With backgrounds in the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Coast Guard, commercial aviation, and cardiothoracic surgery, these men bring their proficiency in personal and professional development to a company committed to maximizing the value of human potential in high-risk industries. We accomplish this mission by providing quality systems for error reduction, applying proven human/machine interface processes, and establishing standards of professionalism.

Convergent Performance is headquartered in Colorado Springs, with subject matter experts throughout the United States. Our core philosophy of improvement at the individual, team, and organizational level requires the expertise and contribution of professionals across a diverse range of specialties: pilots, aircraft maintainers, doctors, nurses, psychologists, courseware developers and instructors, technical writers and editors, and Olympic athletes.


Do You Share Our Beliefs?

We believe:

  • The human is not—and must never be—the weakest link in any system.
  • Personal responsibility and accountability can and should be a part of any fair and just culture.
  • The self-improvement mantra that “if it is to be, it is up to me.”
  • The hallmark of a professional is a continual quest for the next level of performance.

We DO NOT believe that simply saying “to err is human” is a legitimate excuse for apathy, complacency, or retreating.


What We Can Do for You

At Convergent Performance, we know that relevant ideas, tools, and techniques are critical for the success and cultural acceptance of any new concept in your environment. We are sensitive to the obstacles encountered when introducing new concepts into organizations, so our strategy is tailored to remove these barriers and to allow effective adoption of new safety initiatives.

Convergent Performance provides a full range of assessment, education, and training products and services that enable individuals to enhance their contribution to an organization via personal improvement and growth. Our clients place a premium on excellence, whether as a competitive advantage or as a safeguard against defects, waste, operation failure, or accidents. We know that positive, sustainable improvement at every level—individual, team, or organization—begins with personal discipline, awareness, and judgment.

With decades of experience and the most deeply-researched content in the industry, Convergent Performance consistently pushes the edge of what is possible in bringing individuals, teams, and organizations to the peak of their potential. All of our programs are grounded in one truth—that individuals and organizations are unique in their strengths and vulnerabilities.


The Story Behind Our Logo

LogoThe name “Convergent” as well as the blue “V”s illustrate our ability to bring multiple disciplines, ideas and people together through diversity of thought. The wings of each “V” increase in strength as ideas come together to forge newer and stronger ones. This synergy continues to gain power as it moves towards the tip of the sword, where refined ideas and concepts are forged into new products, tools, and services, ready for action in the real world.

The word “Performance” speaks for itself, but reminds us that talent and ability must be utilized every day to have a positive impact on the mission; and further, that yesterday’s performance is no guarantee—or often even a reliable predictor—of what might occur today. In the war against error, we wake up every day on the front lines and our weapons must be strong, sharp and accessible.
The sword represents our uncompromising attitude of taking the fight to the enemy, which we define as any obstacle that stands in the way of world class performance in ourselves or our customers. Finally, some will note that this image reminds them of Excalibur, the Sword in the Stone from the Legend of King Arthur. This is no accident.

In Robert de Boron’s book Merlin, Arthur obtains the throne by pulling a sword from a stone, an act that could not be performed by anyone except "the true king." It is our philosophy that everyone fights most effectively with weapons ideally suited to them as an individual—be that the sword of a king, the sling of a shepherd boy facing a giant named Goliath, or you and I facing the challenges of day-to-day life. In another Arthurian legend, Excalibur is said to be engraved with the words “one edge to defend” on one side of the steel blade—and “one edge to defeat” on the other. We agree that to effectively combat error—the eternal enemy of performance—individuals and organizations must play both offense and defense at all levels of the fight. We pursue this line of attack throughout all of our products and services.