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New Courses for Maintenance/Technicians

Aviation Maintenance Never Events (AMNE)TM

Is your maintenance team ready to take the pledge to eliminate Never Events on their aircraft?

This comprehensive and innovative course provides control systems and personal improvement resources for maintenance professionals to eliminate the six most costly and avoidable aviation maintenance errors.

Maintenance Mastery (MxM)

This program is a follow-on to the AMNE program and is an in-depth look at the internal threat of human error (Blue Threat), Communication, and Normalization of Deviance issues in the maintenance world.

Fatigue Countermeasures for Maintenance Technicians

A unique video-based training program for line technicians, first line supervisors, and managers who work in the highly dynamic, time-compressed world of aviaition maintenance. The program is divided into four 15-minute modules with an emphasis on sleep.

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New Courses for EVERYONE

Fit 4 DutyTM

A deep content, low overhead model that leverages the unique aspects of aviation operational environments. This training component of an overall Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) solution includes equal weight on personal accountability and systems reliability and will allow you to customize your fatigue mitigation. It was designed as holistic physiological readiness training that goes deeper than most other programs that just talk about getting more sleep. 

21st Century CRM Recurrent

A four module journey through core CRM elements, amplified for 21st century challenges. We begin with a look back through five gernerations of CRM to "find the keepers," important CRM skills from each generation that are even more important to today's modern professional. No CRM program is complete without a hard look at SOP compliance, a subject we dive deep into in Module 2. Hazard identification and risk management blend together in Module 3 as the core elements in modern Threat and Error Management programs. Finaly, we wrap up by reinforcing the core CRM skills of communication and assertiveness, more relevant now than ever on our cross-generational and highly automated flight decks. 

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