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Safest Year on Record for Commercial Aviation!

“Preliminary figures from two reports have shown 2017 to be the safest year in commercial aviation history, with no fatal large passenger jet accidents, although lives were lost in regional and cargo aircraft crashes.” – Victoria Moores, Air Transport World, Jan 2, 2018

“In a year when more people flew to more places than ever, 2017 was the safest on record for airline passengers.” – Simon Calder, The Independent, Jan 1, 2018

If you’re a professional in the aviation safety sector, lead-ins like these and others coming from global news outlets and industry journals in recent days are among the most rewarding words you can hear. It reflects hard work, millions of dollars in resources, and constant dedication at many levels of the industry. At Convergent Performance, we have been operating within the aviation community at every level—from the small, single-person enterprise to global airline operations where aircraft movements never cease. Knowing that we have been on the front lines with our industry partners in achieving this milestone gives us a special feeling of pride when we see record-setting years like 2017. Knowing that we have to not only help our partners maintain this level of effort, but push into even more frontiers with some of the industry’s most unique and lasting safety programs, will keep us working harder through 2018 and into the next decade!

What are we up to?

Contemporary Human Factors

Convergent Performance applies the latest in human factors research to high-risk industries wanting to reduce error, increase professionalism, and optimize the human/machine interface. Instead of a clinical approach using tired methods, we tailor our offerings to impact the individual—the human in “human factors.”

Our clients rely on us to solve their most difficult challenges through training, performance metrics, policy and procedural guidance, manuals and checklist design, and self-improvement tools. Our solutions are never just a one-and-done training; instead, our end-to-end solutions provide the catalyst to enable dramatic improvement in safety, quality, professionalism, and leadership.

We're known as The Human Reliability Company, because we show your team how to live by our personal and professional doctrine statement: "My true best, every time, in full compliance.TM"


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